I am a Creole thinker, maker and creative leader, trained in project management, visual arts, theater set design, and entrepreneurship. My career began as a travelling tennis player before getting into the act of creation through music and drawing.I grew up in the French Caribbean and I’m based in Montreal,

I am currently producing my 2nd music album, supported by the Canadian Council for The Arts and an intentional crowdfunding campaign. Spring 2019, I created a trypitch mural at Vanier College including students and staff in the process. Colour Your Walls is my 1rst album (2012), I believe it pioneers the representation of a gay intellectual creative female wizzard in Montreal. The sound blends Trip-Hop to Urban-Folk sung in English, French, Haitian Creole, and it was produced between Montreal and Miami. I organized a mesmerizing album launch executed with a creative team combining interior design, video installation, music performance, and the screening of my documented process. 

My work in art and music received grants from LOJIQ and Canada Arts Council. I performed over 100 local shows including maisons de la Culture and Toronto World Pride. A series of music collabos (Wesli, Dead Messenger, Gardy Girault, Andy Barrow, Funklion), with visual artists (Miss Me) and livings arts artists (Jodee Allen, Helen Simard, Paula Vasconsuelos, Gregory Selinger). 


2 art residencies, 3 collective exhibits in Montreal, and various representations in art fairs spread out inToronto, Halifax, Ottawa and Montreal. I’ve acquired a diverse work experience as a project manager and coordinator with record labels, booking agencies, production & management companies, and festivals. As a French Language Coach, my focus is on executives, professionals, and established artists in a wide range of domains.